21 Day Bodyweight Shred By Dennis Heenan – eBook PDF Program Review And Download

21 Day Bodyweight Shred By Dennis Heenan - eBook PDF ProgramIf you have been working hard for years to get the abs you have always wanted and you are still not getting good results, you are probably doing it wrong. For many people, it is not just about getting that six-pack abs and looking good; it is also about losing weight and becoming healthier. This eBook by Dennis Heenan will make that possible for you.

How the Program Works

The eBook involves easy-to-follow strategies for achieving a lean body. The author gave a lot of effort and time to study, test, modify and formulate the best possible solution to lose weight. Unlike other methods, the 21-Day Bodyweight Shred is not as complicated.

• Intermittent fasting – The first step laid out in the book is called the Flexible Intermittent Fasting. It is described as having alternate periods of fasting and non-fasting. In the past few years, this simple practice has become really popular because of its effectiveness. You can quickly increase your lean muscle mass, decrease your body fat, and increase HGH, testosterone, and other fat-burning hormones.

Like other intermittent fasting practices, there will be a time window as to when you are allowed to eat. However, it is referred to as a flexible approach to dieting because instead of rules, you can set guidelines wherein you can still achieve the results you want even when you eat within your fasting time window.

• Meal plans – People who are doing the 21-day bodyweight shred won’t even feel like they are on a diet because this eBook contains delicious recipes and meal plans that suit you.

• Shorter workouts – There are full descriptions in this eBook regarding workouts that will help you burn more fat compared to other types of workouts. You will learn exactly how to do every exercise, which is designed so that you can get faster results.


Apart from the step-by-step program on losing weight, you will also get bonuses when you get this eBook.

1. Workout log sheets – will help you progress every workout.
2. Access to HIITBURN Inner Circle – 14-day free trial to full workout programs, 30-day challenges, etc.
3. The Ripped Abs Protocol – add-on program on different levels of ab workouts.

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