6 Week Shred System By Robby Blanchard – eBook PDF Program Review And Download

6 Week Shred System By Robby Blanchard - eBook PDF ProgramThe 6 Week Shred is a fitness program, which promises to eliminate 29 pounds off your body and 10 inches off your waist. The creator of this program is Robby Blanchard, a personal trainer and gym owner from Acton, Massachusetts.

He claims that the discovery of his fitness program stemmed from his own experience of being overweight. He discovered that diets and gym workouts didn’t necessarily make him lose weight. Rather, it was Functional Training that gave him the weight loss success. This kind of training apparently uses movements built into our DNA. It’s similar to how athletes train.

General Overview

The 6 Week Shred is a fitness program designed for people who want to get back into shape without spending much time and money on a trainer or a gym membership. You can easily do it at home. In it, you will find meticulous routines that you can follow daily. The routines and diet are specifically timed. Meal spacing focuses on stimulating effective weight loss and boosting one’s metabolism.

The workout also uses your own bodyweight with constant variations in mind. Robby Blanchard believes that routine is the weight loss enemy and that variance is the key to keeping your body guessing. He also believes high intensity is where the magic of weight loss truly happens. This is contrary to the common belief that long steady workouts, such as a treadmill will give you the results you need.

6 Week Shred and More

When you purchase the 6 Week Shred, you will get a step-by-step manual of the program’s workouts, a “Super Fast Start Guide”, a Results Tracker, a 6 Week Shred diet plan, and three other bonuses including HD videos. The purchase price is truly worth it.

Everything is also portable. You can have it on your cellphone or any gadget since everything is digital. The convenience and the simple, straightforward approach are not intimidating to those who wish to start a healthy lifestyle. This fitness program targets beginners. However, anyone can benefit from the diet program since it does not only aim to shed some pounds, but also improve one’s health and energy levels. The plan lowers the risk for hypertension and diabetes, and avoid deficiency symptoms due to lack of nutrition.

With that in mind, we can say that the 6 Week Shred is an effective weight loss program because it promotes overall health and fitness. It doesn’t promise to be a walk in the park, but it assures weight loss success to those who will show dedication and commitment.

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