Bending Nails By Jedd Johnson – eBook PDF Program Review And Download

Bending Nails By Jedd Johnson - eBook PDF ProgramBending steel may be a strange hobby, but for all you know, it can also be a wonderful thing. It may surprise you what bending a bag of nails can do to your health. If you want to know what it is, then it is contained in this eBook – Bending Nails by Jedd Johnson.

Many people who have tried different workouts can attest that not every type of workout can be extraordinary and fun. You will not always want to push yourself to the limits and you cannot always hit personal best records. However, bending, as a form of workout, can really be fun.

If you start bending nails, you will look forward into doing it every day until you can no longer imagine a day when you will not want to wake up and start bending. It may sound strange, but it is true.

How to Start Bending Nails

You will start with the pre-conditioning routine, so when you finally buy the nails, you will be ready to start bending. You will find that it takes much effort to bend even the small nails. However, you will come to love it as you progress with the training.


This bending program will offer you strength training exercises that will absolutely help you get stronger hands. It also helps you regulate your breath and reduce your body fat. As an athlete and strength coach, Jedd Johnson has a complete understanding of the importance of fitness and strength. He has participated in a lot of Grip strength contests and Strongman competitions, and this means his personal training of bending nails helped him achieve strength. With this eBook, you will find out the technique of building abdominal pressure and stabilization, which can help you with your core strength.

This eBook will also teach you how to squeeze out the strength of your shoulders, chest, hands and upper back in many creative ways. It has many exercise routines, such as ulnar and radial deviation, wrist extension and wrist flexion – many of which are known by only a few people. This eBook is not just a training program for the professionals, but also for beginners who want to learn the art of bending nails.

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