Binaural Beats Meditation By Ennora – MP3 Downloads Review

Binaural Beats Meditation By Ennora – MP3 DownloadsWhat is Ennora Binaural Music?
Ennora Binaural Music is a brain entrainment activity that uses sound frequencies to synchronize the brain. This activity brings an improvement in focus, productivity, sleep, memory, and energy. These meditation exercises combats anxiety. The Ennora Binaural Music brings the same experience as meditation does with the Buddhist Monks.

Ennora Binaural Music can be useful for people who want to overcome the feelings of misery. Busier people are more in need for meditation activities. Ambitious people are more susceptible to stress. Meditation energizes the mind and takes away anxious feelings. Meditation is spiritual cleansing.
What does Ennora Binaural Music do?
A stressed person has a higher brain frequency. Likewise, a relaxed person has a lower brain frequency. The Ennora Binaural Beats works as a modulator that lowers the frequency of the brain waves to a relaxed state.

The difference in the two sound frequencies in the binaural music entrains the brain to create a third frequency. This third frequency produces the Theta state: a state that eases the brain and stops the whole body from overworking. Thus, it reinvigorates the senses and clears spiritual burden. This gives new energy to the person after the meditation.
How does Ennora Binaural Music happen?
Ennora Binaural Music works by putting on a headset and listening to a few seconds of the meditative music. The brain synchronizes with the harmony of the two beats playing at the same time. Removing any of the headphones will remove the pulsation caused by the two beats.

Soon after quite some time of listening to Ennora Binaural Music, a continuous beat-like sound will resonate. This marks the start of the entrainment of the brain. The brain frequency has now lowered to the median frequency of the two beats. This makes the person feel the relaxation brought by spiritual cleansing.


Ennora Binaural Music introduces a lost form of consciousness from a long time ago. In today’s society, dreams, and expectations drive people. Meditation gives people the chance to experience a moment of not having to think about the future. The world needs meditation to clean up anxious feelings in people’s mind. Ennora Binaural Music is here for that purpose.

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