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DX Racer King Series (OH/KS57/NG) vs Wide Series (GC-W06-N-Z3): Which chair is better? Here is my review!

Over a year ago I upgraded my computer chair by buying a DX Racer King Series. The black KS57 to be exact. And oh boy, after sitting in this chair for about 5 minutes the difference was very noticeable. My posture was well aligned and the cushion behind my neck felt great when I want to lean back and just relax for a few minutes. This chair was crafted by people who know what they are doing! It is a very high quality chair that cost around 469 USD.

Now I own a second computer on a separate desk and I was going to buy another black and grey King Series but DX racer came out with a new series called the Wide Series which is very similar to the King Series since it is made for heavy and tall individuals. So while visiting my local computer store I sat in a Wide Series chair for a few minutes and it felt great. So I bought it and it cost around 120$ less than my King Series.

So after a few hours of sitting in both chairs I noticed some very interesting things which perhaps explains why one chair is cheaper than the other. So here are the pros and cons of both models:

1) The seat cushion in the King Series chair is noticeably more comfortable. It is more firm than the King Series.

2) The head pillow in the King Series is more comfortable because it stays in place all the time since it is well attached to the middle holes at the top of the chair. The Wide Series has no middle holes so the head pillow has to be strap around its top.

3) The King Series chair can lean backwards and can maintain that position by adjusting the left lever at the bottom of the chair. The Wide Series can also lean backwards but it does not have a left lever to maintain a steady lean back angle position. Its right lever only allow you to change its height and use it like a rocking chair but not locking it at an angle.

4) The Wide Series is more suitable for shorter individuals since it can be lowered more than the King Series. But that is not an excuse since it is less comfortable. So to fix this issue all you need to do is buy a foot stool.

5) The armrests of the King Series are more comfortable since they are higher and the material is a little bit wider.

6) The way your back will feel in both chair is different. The back of the Wide Series chair is narrower compared to the King Series chair which is wider. So if your frame is skinny you will feel comfortable in the Wide Series chair but if your frame is obese like 300 pounds you definitively should pick the King Series. Nonetheless the King Series is 100% more comfortable because it can be tilt backwards at whatever angle and maintain that position. The Wide Series for some odd reason is more tilt toward the front. I had to put a piece of folded leather underneath to make it somewhat straight.

The DX Racer Wide Series straighten with a piece of folded leather.

7) The seating area of the King Series measures at 19 inches long by 16 inches wide. The seating area of the Wide Series measures 21 inches long by 13 inches wide. Nevertheless the sides of the seat which stops you from sliding are less elevated in the Wide Series so your seating will fell less cluster phobic as far that the 13 inches sound. I’m 5’7 and currently weight 260 pounds and I can say that the King Series seat fit me better. Furthermore the frame of the King Series is heavier and more robust so it tend to slide less while seating in front of your PC.

Many other reviewers may say that if you are shorter, taller, skinnier or fatter these are things that needs to be taken in consideration before buying a DX racer chair. Since they are many other models than King and Wide Series they would recommend that you visit DX Racer’s official website to get the proper measurements and to see which style and color better fit your taste. But I am telling you from experience to skip all that process and buy the King Series because it is perfect in every way!!!! Except maybe if it could be lowered a few inches more.

So which chair is the clear winner?

Update December 20 2017!!!!
After seating in both chairs for more than a year I have to declare that the King Series OH/KS57/NG chair is the ultimate supreme winner because I can tilt the chair backwards and maintain that position, the head pillow stays firmly in place and the seat as well as the back are more spacious. At first I thought that I like the soft seat cushion of the Wide Series more but after a while the firm cushion in the King Series is way more comfortable and won’t go flat for a long time. There is no need to create a highbred from both chairs because after careful evaluation, noting and months of seating the King Series chair will definitively bring some well needed relief to your back. As a matter of fact I would even go as far to say that you shouldn’t even bother checking other chairs on the DX Racer’s site. The King Series just does everything right!!!!!!!

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The Best Background Music Player For The Xbox One: BMP Is 90% Better Than Simple Background Music Player!

I bought myself the 2tb Xbox One S Gears Of War 4 Edition last black Friday 2016 and I’ve been playing Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare, Modern Warfare Remastered, Battlefield 1 and Gears Of War 4 like crazy. I like to listen to my own library of music while playing these games on Xbox Live which I know that it is something a lot of other players do because I can hear their music playing through their mic (mostly Hip Hop).

So at fist there wasn’t really any choices because background music is something that was first implemented in August 2016 even though the console came out years earlier. It’s kind of weird because that was not the case for the Xbox 360. So back in August 2016 Microsoft released a bunch of apps to play music on the Xbox One and I tried most of them and the only one that somewhat got the job done is called Simple Background Music Player. It’s a free app which after using for a few days I realized it came with some limitations. But I had no other choice that is until April 2017 when other app surfaced called Background Music Player BMP. BMP only cost 1.29$ but luckily before buying it I was able to try it for free for 24 hours. And after those 24 hours I was sold. Here are the things I liked and disliked about Background Music Player BMP:


1) The other free version called Simple Background Music Player will only load 200 songs from your USB while BMP has no such limit. So you can put an unlimited number of songs on your USB stick and play them all!

2) BMP has a better shuffle. While listening to my USB which contains more than 600 tracks the songs does not repeat themselves in shuffle mode.

3) The user interface even displays the image of the album cover of the song.

4) I don’t have to name my songs’ folder “Xbox Music Library” unlike the free one.

5) After a good 12 hours straight of playing my music library I am happy to say that BMP never crashed on me.

Here’s a screenshot of Background Music Player BMP on Xbox One


1) I cannot rewind or fast forward a song while it is playing.

2) It would be nice if the background songs could also be from an Internet Radio, Sirius XM or a local radio station.

3) Even though it never crashed on me while playing my songs, if I pause a song and exit the screen to do something else, when I come back to the BMP screen trying to resume my song BMP would crash. Hopefully this issue will get a fix in a future update!


BMP is available for 1.29$ from the Xbox One app store and it is highly recommended. For me personally at that price point I can’t really complain since it solved all the major limitations I had with my first free app such as the number of songs that could be loaded, the shuffling issue and lastly, even if this one is not very important, I can name my music folder whatever I want. The disadvantages are not important enough unless you really hate pausing your song and coming back to find out it can’t be resume. Like I said earlier I’m sure this will get solved in a future update. Now wither that is a deal breaker is up to you!

Lastly, since you’ve read this review this probably mean that you love gaming so I want to invite you to make your time playing count by learning how to make money while playing video games.

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LG OLED55B6P TV Review: Is It Really One of 2016’s Best TV or It’s Just Hype?

I just can’t believe it has been 10 years since I bought my first high definition television which was the 40 inch Samsung LN-R408D. I remember buying it so that I could watch high definition movies in 720P and 1080P which were novelties and very hot topics back then. But more specifically I bought it because of the Xbox 360 console so I could play the new games in high definition. Ah oh boy I had some very good memories late nights back in 2007 and 2008 playing Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare on Xbox Live.

So a decade have gone by and now there is a new high definition coming to standard which is called 4K (2160p). So now that 4k is becoming mainstream I decided to keep the same tradition and upgrade my TV and console around the same time. More importantly August 2nd 2016 saw the release of the Xbox One S (an upgrade from the Xbox One released back in November 22 2013) which can output HDR and 4k from Netflix and via its 4K Blu-Ray disc drive.

So is the LG OLED55B6P worth it?

So I’ve been playing with this TV for almost 2 months and the answer to that question is a definitive YES but there is some issues. Here are the pros and cons of this TV:


1) The picture quality of this TV is second to none when watching 4K and even 1080p HDR content running at a high frame rate. The visual spectacle is a true work of art hence the eighth wonder of the world!

2) OLED TVs have an infinite contrast ratio because they can produce true black. That is because the pixels individually turn on and off unlike the LED technology which uses a backlit panel. This means that the colors pop more.

3) And speaking of colors my old TV from 2006 could output 16 million colors. The OLED55B6P can output more than a billion colors! This makes for a more rich viewing experience.

4) Adding to the vivid 16 billion colors this TV has something called High Dynamic Range (HDR) which produce even more details when the content was filmed or the game was created properly. Currently there are 2 HDRs battling for supremacy (similar to HD-DVD and Blu-Ray from a decade ago) called HDR-10 and Dolby Vision and this TV support both. Really good HDR mixed with a wide color gamut and 4K is very noticeable and is really the selling point here. Here’s a video from Linus Tech Tips to showcase this:

5) Playing Xbox One games on this TV brings tears of joy to my eyes. Even some Xbox 360 games looks good on this TV such as Ninja Gaiden 2, Dante’s Inferno and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. I can’t wait next year to see what the games from the Project Scorpio (the new more powerful gaming console from Microsoft) will look like running in native 4K and HDR!

6) The design of this TV is gorgeous compare to its siblings the E6, C6 and G6. That is just my personal preference because I don’t like the curve of the C6 and don’t need the speakers at the bottom of the G6 and E6. Why pay more for something you don’t need or like?

7) Watching Netflix movies and shows is good when True Motion is turn ON. Netfix movies looks way much better when watching on the Xbox One S compare to the Xbox 360.

8) Input lag was my main concern before buying this TV and I am happy to say that I did not notice anything significant or different while playing on Xbox Live.


1) Sometimes perfection can create problems. The motion on this TV is so good that watching low frame content or playing low frame games creates something that can be perceived as judder. For movies and TV shows this can be fixed by turning on True Motion but the movies will look like if you are watching a soap opera!

Update: Microsoft has released an update on December 4th on the Xbox One which greatly improve the judder issue when True Motion is off. Although not perfect it is still a great improvement!

Update: There is a user setting where I can increase and decrease the judder from 1 to 10. I set the user judder to 2 and got a cleaner motion without the soap opera look!!!!!

2) This TV does not have 3D capabilities compare to its other siblings. Now I am not worrying too much because the 3D craze was failure and a lot of new TVs are removing that feature. Nonetheless I would like to experience Star Wars: The Force Awakens in 3D in my living room. So why didn’t I just bought the E6? Because I like the look of the B6 better. As a matter of fact I was tempted to buy LG’s 2015 OLED model called the EF9600 which had the look I like and 3D but the 2016 models are more refined and supports both HDRs while the 2015 models only support HDR-10.

3) Watching regular DVDs on this TV does not look as good compared to a 720P TV.

4) Just like plasma televisions, this TV suffers from temporary image retention and possible image burn-in issues if a static image is left for too long. You really should not use it as a PC monitor!

5) Although 4K is the new thing, it is very hard to notice the differences between 4K and 1080p on a 55 inch screen. But on a 65 inch and above and if you are sitting close enough you will notice a slight difference. That slight difference is not as dramatic like a decade ago when I switched from 480i to 1080p.


Because I am mostly playing games, the image quality is outstanding, the 43 second input lag did not affect my online gaming experience and in my case I desperately needed a new TV because my 2006 Samsung was just not holding up anymore, I can say this TV was definitely worth it. But if you have a TV that is less than 5 years old and is still working fine I would recommend that you wait for the cons of the current OLEDs to be fixed. LG will release new OLED models in 2017 (W7, G7, E7, C7, B7) as well as Panasonic and Sony. If they are better you should go for any one of them but if not or if you don’t want to wait you can buy the LG OLED55B6P from Amazon from the link below.

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Xbox One S review – Is Microsoft’s slimmer video game console worth buying?

Since I was a teenager I’ve always wanted a video game console and I can’t begin to tell you the joy I had finally owning my first console which was a Playstation One. Afterwards I had all the popular ones like the Playstation 2, the original Xbox, Dreamcast and Game Cube.

Then in November 22 2005 the Xbox 360 came out and there was a shortage of consoles nationwide. Nonetheless I managed to get my hands on one before Christmas. This console truly brought things to the next level because it was the first console that could output High Definition video game resolutions such 720P and 1080P, the online capability was robust and the home dashboard was outstanding. Additionally some of my biggest wishes for a console came true such as the ability to turn it on and off via the controller and playing background music while competing online. In 2007 I was so in love with my Xbox 360 console because of Call of Duty 4 and later Call of Duty Black Ops 2 that I told myself that I was never going let it go.

So in November 2013, the Xbox One came out and I did not buy it. I kept true to my words because I was so comfortable with my Xbox 360 and furthermore there was no real good games that was enticing me to get one. I was still very much enjoying Call of Duty Black Ops 2 on my Xbox 360.

Then around E3 2016 I’ve heard that the remastered version of Call of Duty 4 was coming out bundled with Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare. Even more exciting was the fact that Microsoft was coming out with a refined Xbox One called Xbox One S (the S stand for slim) which had additional features such as a 4k Blu-Ray player, High Dynamic Range (HDR), 4k video streaming via Netflix, Youtube and others, a 40% slimmer design, 4k upscaling and much more.

microsoft-xbox-one-s-consoleSo I had the Xbox One S for about 3 months and oh boy after playing with it I can’t believe what I was missing. It is such an amazing upgrade that I’ve pushed aside my Xbox 360 (the console I loved so much). I am not going into technical specifications but know that the Xbox One S is much more powerful than the Xbox 360. So these are the things I liked about the Xbox One S:

1) I am now able to play over 200 songs in my background music compared to 67 on the Xbox 360.

Update May 2017: The new Background Music Player (BMP) app allows me to play an unlimited number of songs

2) Everything loads faster because the Xbox One S has a quad-core processor with 8 gigs of DDR3 rams compared to the 500 megabits of the Xbox 360.

3) The games looks even more amazing compared to the Xbox 360 graphics, especially on my 55 inch 4k OLED LG TV. That is because it is 5.5 time more powerful than the Xbox 360!

4) Since I’ve own many consoles I can say without any doubt that the Xbox One S controller has been refined close to perfection. It fit great in my hands and is even an improvement over the Xbox 360 controller which I though was a perfect controller. Hence it is the best controller even if some other online polls revealed otherwise (sorry Playstation 4).

5) I can now connect an external hard drive to expand the storage in case I run out of room to save games.

6) More files format are now supported so there is no need to convert my music and video files like I had to do with my Xbox 360.

7) The Xbox One S disc drive is way much quieter compared to the Xbox 360.

8) It is backward compatible with some Xbox 360 games and the list of games in the backward compability list gets updated every few months.

Now the Xbox One S is not perfect hence these are the few things that I did not like:

1) Every time you put in a new game you have to install a patch on the hard drive which takes around half an hour.

2) If you are buying popular games via Xbox live some of the titles with their more current updates with season pass DLC are nearly 100 gigs such as Halo 5 Guardians and Call Of Duty Black Ops 3. So for people with slow internet connection this can be problematic. Just to give you an idea I have an high speed internet connection of 15 megabits per second download and 1 megabit per second upload. With that speed I manage to download around 5 gigabits of data per hour from the marketplace. So it took me around 20 hours to download Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 and another 20 hours for Halo 5 Guardians. The good news is that you do not have to keep your Xbox One S on while downloading. Just make sure you change the energy setting mode and your downloads will keep on going while your Xbox One S is off.

3) The Xbox One S is not backward compatible with the games from the original Xbox which came out back in November 15, 2001.

Should you buy the Xbox One S?

A) If you have a new 4k TV, want a good console to have fun and want to enjoy some 4k HDR Blu-Ray movies this Christmas than the Xbox One S offers some great performance with the best bang for your buck. 299$ for the 500 gig version with a 4k Blu-Ray player is a good deal because a standalone 4k Blu-Ray player is more expensive. That being said if you are going to play a lot of games you should definitively get the 2 terabit version because you will run out of room very quick with the 500 gigabit version.

B) If you don’t have a 4k TV and have no intention to get one than the regular Xbox One will do fine. But a note of caution make sure that you should get the Xbox One with the 1 terabit hard drive if you are going to play a lot of games. I have 5 games on my 500 gig Xbox One S and I only have around 6 gig left. Nonetheless you can always buy an external Xbox One hard drive to expand your storage.

C) One other thing that need to be noted is that Microsoft will launch a new console next year called Project Scorpio which is even much more powerful than the Xbox One S. Additionally all the Xbox One games will be backward compatible on the Project Scorpio. So if you are patient you should wait for that one but be aware that Microsoft has called the Project Scorpio a premium console so it will surely be more than double the price of the Xbox One S when it launch.

D) One last thing is that all Xbox One games can be played on your PC with Windows 10. Nonetheless your PC must meet minimum requirements and some games like Gears of War 4 demands a minimum of 8 gigs of rams and a decent graphic card. And even if you build a new PC yourself to be as powerful as the Xbox One S you will not be able to buy all the new components for a total of 300$.


So with all that being said the advantages of owing an Xbox One S far outweighs the disadvantages. So if you do not have one already it will be worth every penny!

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Review of Logitech k740 illuminated USB corded wired black keyboard

Ok, so I was looking to buy a new keyboard to go with my new computer. I work from morning to night on my PC and when night comes the keys where hard to see even with the light of the monitor shining on them. So I wanted to get an illuminated backlit keyboard that was wired because I didn’t want to have to constantly making sure that the battery was charged. Additionally I find that keyboards keys emitting lights like red and blue are very hard on the eyes after a while so I wanted a more neutral color like white. Hence the Logitech k740 keyboard was the closest to the perfect choice I could find. Hence after using it I really wonder how I survived all these years with my old keyboard hence how did I managed all these years without illuminated backlit keys. Here are the highlights of things that I liked and didn’t liked about the keyboard.

Logitech k740 illuminated USB corded wired black keyboard
Here’s a picture of the Logitech k740 illuminated keyboard taken at night. As you can see the F1 to F12 keys are not illuminated but the functions keys on top are illuminated in orange. They both share the same key hence what a dumb decision from the designer!












1) Perfect illumination on the highest lighting (3 to choose from) and love the fact that the illumination color for most of the keys is white and the function keys are orange.

2) Drivers were detected and installed automatically (with internet connection) and worked fine from the start. Does not come with an installation CD but software for further functions can be installed by going to

3) Very soft keys and palm rest makes it a joy to type!

4) Good grip on the bottom of the keyboard

5) Keys are somewhat quiet when typing

6) This keyboard is wired and is exactly what I wanted since there is no need to worry about recharging a battery.

7) This keyboard is very gorgeous and stylish. I love the transparent plastic that goes around 3 quarters of it.

On certain sites it state that this keyboard is supported for windows 7 and 8. But on its official website it state that it works for windows 10 also so it should last a very long time. The official website is at


1) The last row of keys (which consist of the space bar, alt, control, fn (fonction) and window keys) are curved like a dome and raised a little bit more than the rest of the keys. I personally find that annoying.

2) The F1 to F12 keys shares the functions keys which is not so much of a problem except that the function symbols are illuminated but not the F1 to F12 numbers. This is a very stupid decision from the designer.


Overall this is a very beautiful and comfortable keyboard which I would of gave a 5 star except for the fact that the back keys are raised and the F1 to F12 keys are not illuminated. I was going to buy the Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated Slim Keyboard which do not have these issues except that it is a wireless keyboard. As soon that a wired version with all the features of the Logitech K800 is available and if for some reason the Logitech k740 stops working I am going to upgrade. But if you are like me and just want an illuminated keyboard to type all day and all night on Microsoft Office then this keyboard is a perfect choice. Its soft, wired and its white illuminated keys feels natural on the eye. Highly recommended!

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Energy Take Classic ii (2) 5.1 home theater speaker system review – 5 premium 100-watt satellites bookshelf speakers and 200w subwoofer (set of six black)

Energy Take Classic 2 5.1 Speaker SystemI wanted to buy the Energy Take Classic 2 5.1 speakers for a long time and I’ve been desperately looking for a review. But all the reviews that I could find online were for the original one. So the main burning question that was on my mind was “what are the differences between the original Energy Take Classic and the Energy Take Classic 2. So I went to Energy’s website and emailed them in the hope to get an answer. And these are the responses I got:

“The main difference between these two models are aesthetic. These speakers output the same amount of wattage and the subwoofer is on the same wattage and frequency output between the two models.”

“Aesthetic refers to the physical look of the speakers. The two speakers are going to function in similar ways, but are going to look a little bit different. In order to plug the speaker wires into the back of these units, you will need to push down on the terminals to engage the springs and reveal the hole that the speaker wires can thread through. From there, release the terminals and the speaker wires will be clamped into the terminal.”

So I bought these speakers 2 months ago and I must say there are an amazing upgrades from my 5.1 Sony speakers which I bought back in 2003. I am using them with my Pioneer 5.1 Channel Network Receiver (VSX-823-K). At the time when I was researching for a receiver I wanted something that would offer me the best bang for my buck. Hence it was a perfect timing. Here is a review of that receiver:

Additionally if you are wondering I am using the SANUS adjustable height speakers stands for the Energy Take Classic satellite speakers – tear Drop base – 26″-39″ height – HTB3 (black)

Now back to the Energy Take Classic 2. At first I was disappointed at the sound because the bass was too strong and the treble too low. But afterwards I realized there are buttons on the receiver remote which allows me to increase and decrease the bass and treble. And there you have it problem solved!!!! I increased the treble to +6 which is the highest setting and left the bass neutral at 0. And hands down I must say that these are the best budget 5.1 speakers available on the market to date. Ever heard of the expression “Big Things Come In Small Packages”? These speakers are the perfect example of that. They deliver a very big room filling sound that does not get distorted as you crank the volume. Don’t believe me? Here’s a review of the original Energy Take Classic by Kevin Pereira on The Attack Of The Show (remember the original Energy Take Classic and the Energy Take Classic 2 have the same sound output but just look a little bit different physically):

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