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21 Day Bodyweight Shred By Dennis Heenan – eBook PDF Program Review And Download

21 Day Bodyweight Shred By Dennis Heenan - eBook PDF ProgramIf you have been working hard for years to get the abs you have always wanted and you are still not getting good results, you are probably doing it wrong. For many people, it is not just about getting that six-pack abs and looking good; it is also about losing weight and becoming healthier. This eBook by Dennis Heenan will make that possible for you.

How the Program Works

The eBook involves easy-to-follow strategies for achieving a lean body. The author gave a lot of effort and time to study, test, modify and formulate the best possible solution to lose weight. Unlike other methods, the 21-Day Bodyweight Shred is not as complicated.

• Intermittent fasting – The first step laid out in the book is called the Flexible Intermittent Fasting. It is described as having alternate periods of fasting and non-fasting. In the past few years, this simple practice has become really popular because of its effectiveness. You can quickly increase your lean muscle mass, decrease your body fat, and increase HGH, testosterone, and other fat-burning hormones.

Like other intermittent fasting practices, there will be a time window as to when you are allowed to eat. However, it is referred to as a flexible approach to dieting because instead of rules, you can set guidelines wherein you can still achieve the results you want even when you eat within your fasting time window.

• Meal plans – People who are doing the 21-day bodyweight shred won’t even feel like they are on a diet because this eBook contains delicious recipes and meal plans that suit you.

• Shorter workouts – There are full descriptions in this eBook regarding workouts that will help you burn more fat compared to other types of workouts. You will learn exactly how to do every exercise, which is designed so that you can get faster results.


Apart from the step-by-step program on losing weight, you will also get bonuses when you get this eBook.

1. Workout log sheets – will help you progress every workout.
2. Access to HIITBURN Inner Circle – 14-day free trial to full workout programs, 30-day challenges, etc.
3. The Ripped Abs Protocol – add-on program on different levels of ab workouts.

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Scientific Fat Loss By Dr Eric Wood – eBook PDF Program Review And Download

Scientific Fat Loss By Dr Eric Wood - eBook PDF ProgramThis e-book is a combination of the original Paleo diet, a natural way of nurturing mankind, and specific fitness programs to lose fat. The introduction of additives, chemicals and flavor enhancers to convenience foods leads to the interruption of the body’s natural way of digestion and absorption of vital nutrients. Since the production of processed foods, animal breeding and commercial farming started, excess gaining of weight seems to have become a risk to human health.

Is Scientific Fat Loss Effective?

Many people still use the Paleo diet program today, which is a proof that it is an effective plan. By analyzing a person’s food consumption to the most basic, users of Scientific Fat Loss can get rid of the complicated carbohydrates that cause weight gain. Therefore, even with just a few workouts, they can expect to start losing weight. As a matter of fact, these exercise sessions are limited to a short, but intense burst that will burn off energy quickly without suffering for too long.

In general, the Paleo diet is really an effective way to lose weight. When you are following the Scientific Fat Loss program, you may eat root vegetables, such as beets, turnips, and carrots, but yams and potatoes are strictly not allowed. In terms of fruits, all types of berries can be added into the diet. There are people who do not eat fruits from trees because the natural sugar in these fruits may be a problem to them. However, most people still eat peaches, apples, bananas, plums, melons and other fruits allowed on the diet.

Going into the Scientific Fat Loss Program

When you first begin with the Paleo diet, you can experience a reasonable weight loss because of the change of diet. It can then be followed by a slowdown and you need to exert more effort like regular exercise. Weight loss will be steady and you have a guarantee that you will be shredding fat and not a muscle.

Scientific Fat Loss is a diet regimen wherein the food you take will be digested and metabolized for its maximum efficiency. With this diet, you will feel that you have more energy, and you will be happier, more slender, and healthier.

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Kettlebell Burn 2.0 By Geoff Neupert – eBook PDF Program Review And Download

Kettlebell Burn 2.0 By Geoff Neupert - eBook PDF ProgramThe Kettlebell Burn 2.0 by Geoff Neupert is a useful e-book for those who are trying desperately to lose their excess weight. As a Master Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC), Geoff Neupert understands the real dynamics of a Kettlebell Workout. With this eBook, you are guaranteed that a seasoned professional creates the kettlebell exercises that you do.

The author devised a series of effective Kettlebell workouts that are guaranteed to generate the results that you expect. Swinging a kettlebell around and doing some workouts may look like you are working out; however, there is logic behind this genius workout equipment. Trust Geoff Neupert to create exciting, yet effective kettlebell workouts that can help transform your body into a leaner and fitter one.

The Kettlebell Burn 2.0 is more than just your average kettlebell workout program. It enforces you to exercise under a “Purposeful Program Progression,” which makes it more effective than its other counterparts. It allows you to track down your progress as you go along the workout.

This eBook follows the Three Rules of Physiology – The Overload Principle, The Overcompensation Principle and The GAS Principle. The first principle creates new stimulus for your body every time you undergo training. The second principle creates stress, which your body will learn to adapt to. Finally, the last principle shows the three different stages that your body will adapt to during the training, which are resistance, alarm and exhaustion. If one of these principles are missing in your kettlebell workout, you will not achieve weight loss.

The Kettlebell Burn 2.0 is not an instant fix to any weight loss problem. This exercise program is for people who are serious when it comes to losing their extra weight. They are determined to work hard and follow the workout in the eBook in order to see the results. It is not enough to read the contents of the eBook. You must prepare yourself and work hard to see the results that you want to see.

Download this eBook now for only $67. You will get 6 different modules with an original value of $676.

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Hot Metabolism By Carolyn Hansen – eBook PDF Program Review And Download

Hot Metabolism By Carolyn Hansen - eBook PDF ProgramLosing weight is one of the major problems of most people today. How come some people can lose weight easily while others have a hard time keeping their excess pounds off? Carolyn Hansen has the answer to the problems of those who want to lose their extra pounds, but find it difficult to do so.

It is now time to throw all the diet myths you know. Discontinue any kind of bogus diet or taboo fat loss system. Carolyn Hansen can help you lose weight easily through her new eBook, Hot Metabolism. Everything you need to know about keeping your unwanted pounds are in this eBook. It will show you how a faster and powerful metabolism can keep those guilt-ridden pounds off.

Weight loss starts with what is inside your body. The author will spill her secrets to increasing your body’s metabolic rate. Additional information you can learn from this eBook include different ways on keeping your blood sugar stable, as well as maintaining your body’s energy levels in order to keep you high-spirited throughout the day.

Through healthy, yet delicious meals, you can learn how to achieve the weight loss you have been dreaming off without having to go through rigorous diet plans. You do not have to drink dangerous diet pills and become a lab rat of unsafe pharmaceutical manufacturers.

This eBook shows you the unsafe practices that you are currently doing. It enumerates the unconscious ways you are practicing that contribute to the slowing down of your body’s metabolism. It also lets you in on the secret food that helps burn down fat and keep your metabolic rate running.

Downloading this eBook will not get you instant weight loss. Instead, you will get an overall lifestyle change that will transform you to a healthier version of yourself. Weight loss involves hard work. However, through this eBook, all your hard work are sure to pay off because it can guarantee positive long-term results. For the price of $7, you can get all three volumes. Take this chance to turn your life around and download the Hot Metabolism By Carolyn Hansen right now.

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The 31 Day Testosterone Plan By Mark Wilson – eBook PDF Program Review And Download

The 31 Day Testosterone Plan By Mark Wilson - eBook PDF ProgramDo you know that men are more prone to chronic diseases than women? Yes, it is a scary thought for every man out there, and equally scary for women who have male friends and family close to them. Luckily, a new book entitled, The 31 Day Testosterone Plan by Mark Wilson came out recently, and it is proven to be a huge game-changer.

Wilson elaborates that having high levels of testosterone will boost men’s resistance to common diseases like diabetes, heart conditions, and high blood pressure. He also adds that having low levels can increase the chances of weight gain, which eventually leads to the diseases mentioned. However, his guide doesn’t suggest the usual low-T therapies that men usually go for to bump up their testosterone levels. In fact, he cites studies and articles that don’t support this method as it only works on a small percentage of men, sadly.

A commendable factor in this book is that it supports natural methods that men can do to fix their testosterone levels. It is as simple as keeping away from food that are believed to be toxic to the body and can cause hormonal dysfunction. Wilson also gives more insight on certain activities men do that might have reduced their testosterone levels, and guides them to what’s better for their health.

Another common theme in the book is the fact that men can get their masculinity back by boosting their testosterone levels. So not only is Wilson taking men’s health into account, he also aims to improve their relationships with their significant others.

The 31 Day Testosterone Plan has one goal: to get men healthy and fit to counter the diseases that are common to them. It assigns certain routines and gives information on food and supplements so men can customize their diet and exercise to what works for them. All they need to do is follow the guide within 31 days, and they’ll see significant change.

Wilson set out to improve men’s lives with this book and he did it effectively through his conversational tone. This is definitely a great go-to if doctors’ advices fall short.

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Primal Stress By Scott Sonnon – eBook PDF Program Review And Download

Primal Stress By Scott Sonnon - eBook PDF ProgramEveryone deals with some sort of stress rooted from different factors. Author Scott Sonnon says as much in his new book Primal Stress. But what if you can significantly reduce the effects of all kinds of stress by doing a certain workout routine?

Now, working out to deal with stress isn’t anything new. People dabble in several yoga classes to hopefully zen themselves out and forget every stressor in their lives. While that’s an effective outlet, Sonnon guides his readers through a series of exercises that not only rids you of stress, but also restores and improves your mobility, stability, and energy. It’ll also remove the pain and strain that you sometimes feel on your body when you over-exert yourself in certain activities, which, again, can cause you extreme stress.

Sonnon repeatedly points out how our body locks in unused energy that should be significant in our daily activities. He provides steps on how to do flinch-reflexes, form-reactions, and flow-responses to hopefully unlock this energy inside our bodies and reduce the stress we are feeling every day.

It is certainly a healthier alternative to constantly binge eating or taking supplements that are supposed to make your days easier. Not only are the methods I mentioned possibly harmful to your well-being, they don’t work for everyone. So, Sonnon made sure that his guide can work with anyone who’s reading his book. He injects personal account and communicates well through the pages—it’s like personally talking to an effective trainer face-to-face sans the complicated scientific terms that we all dislike.
With this book, you can be able to handle stress better than before. Sonnon guarantees that you’ll be able to get through the day more smoothly if you manage to unlock the necessary energy that will help you survive and thrive in the healthiest way possible. And not only are you ridding yourself of stress, you’re also making your body stronger as you breeze through the required exercise routines. Who doesn’t want that?

Primal Stress is an effective manual of sorts, which makes its readers feel okay about themselves even when stress is taking over their days. It is set to make anyone feel more alive with its sure-fire tips. If you ask me, this might even be the answer to a better, less stressful world.

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The Flat Belly Code By Drew Hamilton – eBook PDF Program Review And Download

The Flat Belly Code By Drew Hamilton - eBook PDF ProgramIt is inevitable that as we age, we are going to get a little chub in the tummy area. It is especially troubling to find out ways to reduce this through tedious workout routines and dieting. Author Drew Hamilton tackled this and more in his new book The Flat Belly Code, and it is probably the best thing you’ll read as of late.

In the book, Hamilton tries to prove that long hours of exercise and so-called “healthy” food prescribed by dieticians don’t always work in reducing belly fat. In fact, eating our favorite food can still work if we know the right time to eat them. Hamilton guides his readers through the routine that worked for him and made sure that it is doable for everyone since not everyone have the same body processes.

What’s great about Hamilton’s guide is the fact that he encourages readers to eat fatty food (in moderation, of course) and not feel conscious about it. You may be thinking, “How can these food stop you from gaining more weight?” According to Hamilton, if you time your meals and exercise (he suggests only five to ten minutes of exercise) properly, the fat will convert to energy, which will aid in losing weight. Another notable thing about this book is that you can train your body to not have unnecessary cravings that’ll contribute to more belly fat.

Yes, it sounds impossible, maybe even crazy, but the book also contains testimonials that will make you think twice. The Flat Belly Code acts as a friendly guide that doesn’t intimidate readers with overly scientific terms and drastic change in routines. It takes our normal food intake and activity, changing it up a bit depending on what’s comfortable for us. This is so we can train our bodies to release fat from the belly area.

Any person from any age group can achieve this—whether you’re only 20 or 50 years old. Hamilton ensures safe weight loss without the side effects of sketchy “health” food and supplements that can actually bring more fat into the body. This book will be everyone’s best friend if done right, and it’s definitely a breakthrough in proper dieting.

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Lift Weights Faster 2 By Jen Sinkler – eBook PDF Program Review And Download

Lift Weights Faster 2 By Jen Sinkler - eBook PDF ProgramOne of the main problems among many people when it comes to exercising is finding the time to do so. Jen Sinkler, a fitness trainer for more than 13 years, wrote a book that will help people find the time and the needed motivation to keep on continuing. She has come up with a system, which will help people burn fat faster and build muscle, but within a shorter time and with longer results. She wrote the book in such an enticing way that the readers can keep on reading.

One good point about the book is that it stresses that exercise does not need to be boring at all. Many people get easily discouraged when things become routine, and this is why many backslide. The author reassures those who make use of her system that people will have fun while they are working towards getting the body of their dreams. She says that boring workouts spell out failure, and that is why her system promises to deliver workouts that are sure to make the experience enjoyable.

She also says that the workouts don’t take a lot of time as they are only to be done in a short amount of time, anywhere! A lot of workouts require special types of equipment, but her system doesn’t. Those who undergo her training will be able to train like athletes as well. People don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars just to look and feel like athletes.

The author also includes feedback from real people, including their pictures. This is quite reassuring for readers because they will see that there are people who have already tried her workouts and have seen their own positive results. There are even those who said that they were able to enjoy their workouts on a daily basis! Not a lot of people enjoy working out daily. The author gives a lot of workouts that are easy to follow and enjoyable. Those who use her system will be able to find exercises that they like and can follow without having reservations every day.

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The Power Primer 2.0 By Eric Bach – eBook PDF Program Review And Download

The Power Primer 2.0 By Eric Bach - eBook PDF ProgramMany people think that it is impossible to get the bodies that athletes have. Most of the programs out there only promise to give short bursts of exercises that may give temporary results. These results won’t stay too long, and they will leave the body weaker than before. Eric Bach’s The Power Primer 2.0 will open the eyes of people as to how their bodies should be, given that they follow the system presented. The book is direct and concise, and people can follow it easily. This is a review of what the book presents to the readers.

One thing that many e-books similar to this lack is the ability to entice readers to continue reading. The introduction of the book is catchy enough to let the readers keep on digesting the information presented to them. The language used in this book is straight and easy to understand. There is no need for readers to whip out their dictionaries to know what the author is trying to say. The author is a trainer of both professional athletes and ordinary people, making him an expert in that field. Readers need not be scared that maybe this is just an average Joe making another half-hearted attempt at writing a book that will not make any kind of result.

The author shares his story about how he was once a puny kid in school, and this is easy to relate to, as many readers actually start out that way. Then he says that he was able to rise above that, and now, he is a coach and he has written numerous articles that have been featured in different places. His system promises to give fun but powerful workouts that will help people achieve the results that they want.

To make it even better, the book also features different feedback from those who have tried the system. The system looks good, and the author really knows what he is talking about. It is backed up with research, and the people who have given their feedback have expressed that the book and the system helped them achieve the bodies they have always wanted.

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The Ultimate B.L.A.S.T. 5 System By Ahmad Hakimi – eBook PDF Program Review And Download

The Ultimate B.L.A.S.T. 5 System By Ahmad Hakimi - eBook PDF ProgramTons of people are into bodybuilding. It focuses on physical activity, which in turn is good for the health, too. It stresses on making the body fit, but it also exercises the mind. Bodybuilding is believed to be the best sport there is in order to help people achieve a body, which is fit and proportionally shaped. However, though many people are into bodybuilding or powerlifting, not all are keen on how they should go about their routines and this could be hazardous to the body. Ahmad Hakimi’s e-book, which focuses on a system to help people achieve their dream bodies with the best results, is the best book out there.

The author makes a good analogy between a car and the body in the introduction of the book. This is helpful because readers can see better how the body is likened to a first-rate kind of car, but with a bad engine. Many people focus more on lifting weights just as a means of increasing their muscle size and nothing else. He says that this is just tantamount to a guy who is just showing off, but never really uses those muscles. The author stresses that with his system, people will be able to have better and stronger bodies, and not just for show.

The book boasts of a system, which will help people become stronger while they are building muscle mass. This will entice the readers to keep on following the system. The muscles will be exploding with energy, making the body a mean machine. The system focuses on working specific muscle groups that will maximize the body’s ability to develop physique and strength, unlike powerlifting or bodybuilding alone. It is good to see that an author has done his research regarding techniques that are known to help and those that are only detrimental.

Other books will only push techniques that will enhance muscle size but not power. The book also lists down the different reasons why readers should focus on 3 major exercises, and this helps them understand better why they need to follow the system.

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