Diet Free Weekends Solution By Mike and Sabrina Withfield – eBook PDF Program Review And Download

Diet Free Weekends Solution By Mike and Sabrina Withfield - eBook PDF ProgramThere will never be drama at the weighing scale on Mondays ever again. Health and fitness gurus Mike and Sabrina Whitfield erase the weekend cheat-eating guilt and Monday meltdowns with their Diet Free Weekends Solution.
The Diet Free Weekends Solution is Whitfield’s response to a Cornell University study that showed how people ate a lot on weekends and compensated for it by eating less on weekdays. The authors believe that people should not deprive themselves of all the foods they want to eat on weekends, and go on to offer a diet plan, which allows people to eat what they want on not just two, but three days, starting on Friday.

The key to all these is the revolutionary Diet Interval plan, which should make dieters who have had struggles with impossible diet regimens do a happy dance. No more yo-yo weight gains and losses, just plain and simple weight loss.

Subscribers of this plan need to follow the simple 4-day (Mondays to Thursdays) guide to condition one’s body to quash the desire to binge and choose the right kinds of food to eat, instead. Fridays to Sundays are the happiest days of this plan as followers are encouraged to eat to their hearts’ content. The satisfying thing about it all is that real people have actually given feedback that they have, indeed, lost weight after following this plan.

Those who hate doing the Math while dieting – like counting every single dreaded calorie and carb in every single morsel one is about to devour – will heave a sigh of relief when they choose this plan. There is no Math involved here, just a practical solution designed to end diet struggles.

The Diet Free Weekends Solution does not require a lot of rocket science. The Whitfields have made sure to provide subscribers with a battery of affordable support resources to make the solution work in at least 7 days. It comes with a Nutrition Manual to guide followers about how and what to eat during the diet.

The Quick Start Guide discusses the why’s of the program, and the Diet Free Weekends Success and Tracking Journal should help subscribers commit to it and keep their eyes on the prize – amazing weight loss!

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