Energy Take Classic ii (2) 5.1 home theater speaker system review – 5 premium 100-watt satellites bookshelf speakers and 200w subwoofer (set of six black)

Energy Take Classic 2 5.1 Speaker SystemI wanted to buy the Energy Take Classic 2 5.1 speakers for a long time and I’ve been desperately looking for a review. But all the reviews that I could find online were for the original one. So the main burning question that was on my mind was “what are the differences between the original Energy Take Classic and the Energy Take Classic 2. So I went to Energy’s website and emailed them in the hope to get an answer. And these are the responses I got:

“The main difference between these two models are aesthetic. These speakers output the same amount of wattage and the subwoofer is on the same wattage and frequency output between the two models.”

“Aesthetic refers to the physical look of the speakers. The two speakers are going to function in similar ways, but are going to look a little bit different. In order to plug the speaker wires into the back of these units, you will need to push down on the terminals to engage the springs and reveal the hole that the speaker wires can thread through. From there, release the terminals and the speaker wires will be clamped into the terminal.”

So I bought these speakers 2 months ago and I must say there are an amazing upgrades from my 5.1 Sony speakers which I bought back in 2003. I am using them with my Pioneer 5.1 Channel Network Receiver (VSX-823-K). At the time when I was researching for a receiver I wanted something that would offer me the best bang for my buck. Hence it was a perfect timing. Here is a review of that receiver:

Additionally if you are wondering I am using the SANUS adjustable height speakers stands for the Energy Take Classic satellite speakers – tear Drop base – 26″-39″ height – HTB3 (black)

Now back to the Energy Take Classic 2. At first I was disappointed at the sound because the bass was too strong and the treble too low. But afterwards I realized there are buttons on the receiver remote which allows me to increase and decrease the bass and treble. And there you have it problem solved!!!! I increased the treble to +6 which is the highest setting and left the bass neutral at 0. And hands down I must say that these are the best budget 5.1 speakers available on the market to date. Ever heard of the expression “Big Things Come In Small Packages”? These speakers are the perfect example of that. They deliver a very big room filling sound that does not get distorted as you crank the volume. Don’t believe me? Here’s a review of the original Energy Take Classic by Kevin Pereira on The Attack Of The Show (remember the original Energy Take Classic and the Energy Take Classic 2 have the same sound output but just look a little bit different physically):

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