Muscle Imbalances Revealed System By Rick Kaselj – eBook PDF Program Review And Download

Muscle Imbalances Revealed System By Rick Kaselj - eBook PDF ProgramMuscle Imbalances Revealed (MIR) System by Rick Kaselj has got to be the Bible of every personal trainer, coach and physical or sports therapist. This convenient and practical program has solved many of their problems, especially in dealing with injuries of their clients. These experts all agree that MIR is the missing piece in the puzzle that has led these fitness trainers to do more than just design cardio, strength, and flexibility exercises for them.

Kaselj makes the MIR system accessible for those who want to use his program. He produced fourteen video workouts that address body parts the MIR system can fix and improve. Led by different fitness experts, the workouts are easy to do and results are forthcoming, as attested to by many trainers and coaches.

Kaselj himself promotes the numerous benefits of subscribing to the MIR system. He calls it the Six C’s. The first C is cost. Kaselj says that users will save on costs, not just on the actual videos themselves, but also on other incidental costs like travel expenses and gym fees. The program comes to the comfort of your own home at a minimal cost.

With this comes the next C, convenience. Subscribers need not leave their homes or go somewhere fancy. The program comes in the form of easily downloadable videos that one can view on tablets or PCs at their own time. There are also no-sweat, print-it-yourself handouts to accompany the videos.

Next, Kaselj can get aspiring fitness professionals to get certified with their CECs. They only have to send the answered forms back to Kaselj for them to get certified.
Of course, Kaselj does not compromise on the fourth C, content. He thoroughly discusses muscle imbalances and design workouts to address these.

It is not only Kaselj who does everything in the videos, but it is also a team of fitness experts or the fifth C, the creators, who lead workouts that address muscle imbalances.
The sixth C is cutting edge. Kaselj has designed revolutionary workouts that address muscle imbalances and backed by fitness professionals around the world who approve of how he does things.

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