Never Grow Old Fitness Program By Cody Sipe And Dan M. Ritchie – eBook PDF Program Review And Download

Never Grow Old Fitness Program By Cody Sipe And Dan M. Ritchie - eBook PDF ProgramGrowing old has been a painful and expensive experience. By growing old, I don’t mean my late thirties or forties. Most people associate people like me to hospitals and wheelchairs, and this something most people in my age would understandingly despise. It is painful to realize that many activities that you used to enjoy are no longer possible. All this changed when my son recommended a book that may help me gain back my strength and energy to go out and enjoy the outdoors again.

You will normally be skeptical if you were told that at 65 years old, you can regain the vitality to travel, run, hike or swim. I knew I was! The best thing about it is you do not need to take expensive pills, buy costly equipment or pay for a trainer. Everything you need is in this program developed and mastered by two wonderful fitness professionals, Cody Sipe and Dan Ritchie.

The Never Grow Old Fitness Program contains workout specifically aimed at people in advanced age, such as myself. It has varying degrees of complexity and frequency. There is no pressure, though, as you can perform these exercises at your own pace and degree of capability.

I have gone from beginner workout to advanced fitness training in a matter of two months. You don’t need anything else as everything from warm-ups to the actual step-by-step workout is already in it. It is complete with all the details, exercise moves and photos to guide you throughout the process. Dan and Cody have formulated the 7 Keys to Functional Training that can immensely help in gaining a positive outlook towards being fit and strong, even when you are beyond 60 years old.

This program has helped me and many others in gaining control of our lives, relieving pain in certain areas of our bodies, and living a life others thought is no longer possible for folks our age. Without the help of pills or medication, you can find a surge of energy by letting this program guide you. Using advance and proven workout designed just for people like us, we may truly just never grow old.

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