Review of Logitech k740 illuminated USB corded wired black keyboard

Ok, so I was looking to buy a new keyboard to go with my new computer. I work from morning to night on my PC and when night comes the keys where hard to see even with the light of the monitor shining on them. So I wanted to get an illuminated backlit keyboard that was wired because I didn’t want to have to constantly making sure that the battery was charged. Additionally I find that keyboards keys emitting lights like red and blue are very hard on the eyes after a while so I wanted a more neutral color like white. Hence the Logitech k740 keyboard was the closest to the perfect choice I could find. Hence after using it I really wonder how I survived all these years with my old keyboard hence how did I managed all these years without illuminated backlit keys. Here are the highlights of things that I liked and didn’t liked about the keyboard.

Logitech k740 illuminated USB corded wired black keyboard
Here’s a picture of the Logitech k740 illuminated keyboard taken at night. As you can see the F1 to F12 keys are not illuminated but the functions keys on top are illuminated in orange. They both share the same key hence what a dumb decision from the designer!












1) Perfect illumination on the highest lighting (3 to choose from) and love the fact that the illumination color for most of the keys is white and the function keys are orange.

2) Drivers were detected and installed automatically (with internet connection) and worked fine from the start. Does not come with an installation CD but software for further functions can be installed by going to

3) Very soft keys and palm rest makes it a joy to type!

4) Good grip on the bottom of the keyboard

5) Keys are somewhat quiet when typing

6) This keyboard is wired and is exactly what I wanted since there is no need to worry about recharging a battery.

7) This keyboard is very gorgeous and stylish. I love the transparent plastic that goes around 3 quarters of it.

On certain sites it state that this keyboard is supported for windows 7 and 8. But on its official website it state that it works for windows 10 also so it should last a very long time. The official website is at


1) The last row of keys (which consist of the space bar, alt, control, fn (fonction) and window keys) are curved like a dome and raised a little bit more than the rest of the keys. I personally find that annoying.

2) The F1 to F12 keys shares the functions keys which is not so much of a problem except that the function symbols are illuminated but not the F1 to F12 numbers. This is a very stupid decision from the designer.


Overall this is a very beautiful and comfortable keyboard which I would of gave a 5 star except for the fact that the back keys are raised and the F1 to F12 keys are not illuminated. I was going to buy the Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated Slim Keyboard which do not have these issues except that it is a wireless keyboard. As soon that a wired version with all the features of the Logitech K800 is available and if for some reason the Logitech k740 stops working I am going to upgrade. But if you are like me and just want an illuminated keyboard to type all day and all night on Microsoft Office then this keyboard is a perfect choice. Its soft, wired and its white illuminated keys feels natural on the eye. Highly recommended!

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