Specforce Abs For Men And Women By Todd Lamb eBook PDF Program Review And Download

Specforce Abs For Men And Women By Todd Lamb eBook PDF ProgramAbout the book; Specforce Abs for Men and Women by Todd Lamb offers a whole new way of getting the six packs abs you have always wanted in just six weeks. Lamb was an SSF soldier in the Canadian Military. With his Spec Ops roots, he is incredibly knowledgeable with the effective training they received. Now, he’s happy to share what he learned with the people outside the military who are struggling to get a flat belly and sexy abs. Lamb’s technique is to train the core to be injury-proof while also shedding fats. He teaches 5 specific abs training factors that have proven to deliver flat, hard, and defined abs faster than any exercise before: abdominal armoring, asset stacking, fixed angle contraction, TW work ups, and strategic target selection.

What I really liked about this book that it was easy to understand, comprehensive, and the author was believable. Even though I couldn’t relate with his military experience, I could relate with the people who would look at him and envy his flat abs. The author’s instructions were easy to follow and risk-free, so I had no injuries while executing the exercises at all.

In my experience, I did lots of ab exercises before and found no results. After countless sit-ups and crunches, I was still stuck with a heavy and bloated feeling. In fact, I thought the weight around the middle would stay forever and that I can’t get rid of it. But in Specforce Abs For Men And Women, I learned that those traditional sit-ups and crunches actually add inches to my waist! At first I couldn’t believe that I could get faster results with less time training, but here I am now with flatter abs and a smaller waistline. I learned that it’s highly important to only invest the precise amount of time and effort needed on the right and effective exercises, instead of exerting so much effort on long and tedious ineffective workouts. After reading and doing what Lamb said, I was healthier, lighter, and more confident.

If you’re reading this and wondering if I’m honest and if it’s really effective, then trust me – it works! This book is great for anyone of whatever gender or whatever age. I highly recommend this eBook to those who have been struggling to get slimmer waistlines and want flat and sexy abs.

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