The Best Background Music Player For The Xbox One: BMP Is 90% Better Than Simple Background Music Player!

I bought myself the 2tb Xbox One S Gears Of War 4 Edition last black Friday 2016 and I’ve been playing Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare, Modern Warfare Remastered, Battlefield 1 and Gears Of War 4 like crazy. I like to listen to my own library of music while playing these games on Xbox Live which I know that it is something a lot of other players do because I can hear their music playing through their mic (mostly Hip Hop).

So at fist there wasn’t really any choices because background music is something that was first implemented in August 2016 even though the console came out years earlier. It’s kind of weird because that was not the case for the Xbox 360. So back in August 2016 Microsoft released a bunch of apps to play music on the Xbox One and I tried most of them and the only one that somewhat got the job done is called Simple Background Music Player. It’s a free app which after using for a few days I realized it came with some limitations. But I had no other choice that is until April 2017 when other app surfaced called Background Music Player BMP. BMP only cost 1.29$ but luckily before buying it I was able to try it for free for 24 hours. And after those 24 hours I was sold. Here are the things I liked and disliked about Background Music Player BMP:


1) The other free version called Simple Background Music Player will only load 200 songs from your USB while BMP has no such limit. So you can put an unlimited number of songs on your USB stick and play them all!

2) BMP has a better shuffle. While listening to my USB which contains more than 600 tracks the songs does not repeat themselves in shuffle mode.

3) The user interface even displays the image of the album cover of the song.

4) I don’t have to name my songs’ folder “Xbox Music Library” unlike the free one.

5) After a good 12 hours straight of playing my music library I am happy to say that BMP never crashed on me.

Here’s a screenshot of Background Music Player BMP on Xbox One


1) I cannot rewind or fast forward a song while it is playing.

2) It would be nice if the background songs could also be from an Internet Radio, Sirius XM or a local radio station.

3) Even though it never crashed on me while playing my songs, if I pause a song and exit the screen to do something else, when I come back to the BMP screen trying to resume my song BMP would crash. Hopefully this issue will get a fix in a future update!


BMP is available for 1.29$ from the Xbox One app store and it is highly recommended. For me personally at that price point I can’t really complain since it solved all the major limitations I had with my first free app such as the number of songs that could be loaded, the shuffling issue and lastly, even if this one is not very important, I can name my music folder whatever I want. The disadvantages are not important enough unless you really hate pausing your song and coming back to find out it can’t be resume. Like I said earlier I’m sure this will get solved in a future update. Now wither that is a deal breaker is up to you!

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