The Defeating Diabetes Kit By Yuri Elkaim – eBook PDF Program Review And Download – Does It Work Or Is it A Scam?

The Defeating Diabetes Kit By Yuri Elkaim - eBook PDF ProgramThe Defeating Diabetes Kit is a program written by Yuri Elkaim, a New York Times bestselling author and a renowned nutritionist. This program contains helpful guides and videos for those who suffer from type 2 Diabetes.

What is the book about?

According to Yuri Elkaim, there is a mysterious white starch, or what he calls “super starch”, which can save your kidneys and vitamin D status, and improve blood sugar dramatically. This finding was based on a 2014 study by Iowa State University.

The author explains in his book the foods that contain this particular white starch, and how your body turns the starch into fatty acids that aid in battling diabetes. He cited several researches from various Diabetes studies. One shows that a mere 5 grams of the “super starch” can stabilize your blood sugar level compared to those who do not take it. Apparently, it can improve insulin sensitivity after only 4 weeks.

The Defeating Diabetes Kit is inclusive of 4 components. The first component is ‘The Super Starch Solution’. It features the best natural sources of the super starch.

Next is ‘How to Eat to Defeat Diabetes’, a dietary plan featuring wholesome and easy recipes you can make to manage your diabetes better. Elkaim calls it his ‘7-Day Rapid Results Diabetes-Friendly Meal Plan’

Additionally, there is ‘20 Delicious Diabetes Recipes’. It’s another book of delicious recipes that are Diabetes friendly.

Third component is ‘ISO Burn No Movement Workout’, a section dedicated to workout videos that you do for 20 minutes a day.

There is even an added bonus when you purchase the Defeating Diabetes Kit. It’s called ‘A Community Cookbook for Energy All Day.’

Author Credentials

The author Yuri Elkaim is a well-known author and a licensed Holistic Nutritionist. He has a degree in Physical Education and Health, and he also pursued additional education from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. These credentials mean you are getting this information from a renowned expert. Despite the author’s impressive background, the Defeating Diabetes Kit has a reasonable price and even comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Overall, this book is highly recommended for those looking for natural treatments for their type 2 Diabetes. It is a better and safe alternative to conventional treatments, and it promises to turn your condition around completely without having to take insulin shots and synthetic drugs.

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