The High Performance Handbook By Eric Cressey – eBook PDF Program Review And Download

The High Performance Handbook By Eric Cressey - eBook PDF ProgramThere are men who are the envy of other men because of their physique and overall body structure. Through intensive gym workouts, these men have made a masterpiece of their bodies and others want in on the secret. But the fact is, every man has a different reaction to every type of workout. This means that no single workout can yield exact results to every man. This one system that fits all systems is a lie and many have fallen victim.

Eric Cressey sees cookie cutter workouts as one of the biggest lies in the fitness industry. These workouts use high-end expensive equipment that promises instant results. The fact is that not all people can benefit from these types of workout and its equipment.

To address this issue and save people from being tricked, Cressey created an instructional material to expose flaws in the current perception about cookie cutter workouts. In forcing people to workout under a single system, it does not recognize the capabilities and weaknesses of the body. Thus, it fails to recognize and assess the stimulus that would trigger the greatest effect to the body.

As a president of Cressey performances, Eric Cressey has coached many people: from teenagers working hard to enter the league to powerlifting amateurs and professionals attempting to move to the upper divisions. Professional athletes, who have played in different leagues, also work out with Cressey in order to improve their capabilities with Cressey’s system.

The High Performance Handbook by Eric Cressey starts a four-month training program with a persons’s self-assessment of his body’s strengths and weaknesses. Then, the person must set achievable goals to motivate the mind and body. Then, Cressler will give an entire database full of videos on how to do each exercise fit for the person’s goals.

The High Performance Handbook redefines the core philosophies of workouts by giving detailed description on how the body wroks. His program works under the principle that no two people are the same. Thus, Cressey asserts that the body’s reactions are not natural and automatic for all people. Every person’s body has its own ways of taking in work.

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