Vascular Failure Protocol By Dr. Radu Scurtu – eBook PDF Program Review And Download – Does It Work Or Is It A Scam?

Vascular Failure Protocol By Dr. Radu Scurtu - eBook PDF ProgramAbout a year ago, I was diagnosed with peripheral arterial disease and was told my only option to alleviate my condition is a bypass grafting surgery. I felt discouraged and depressed. I did not understand why it happened to me as I have always maintained a healthy lifestyle. All of a sudden, I was diagnosed with vascular problems and was given medications to help avoid my condition from worsening.

Knowing my condition and frustration, a close friend of mine recommended this book by Doctor Radu Scurtu. I must say, with confidence and gratitude, that this book has saved my life. It literally saved me from dying after making me realize that the medication I have been taking may have been making my condition worse. In fact, it may have been causing more damage to my organs and system than doing me any good.

Reading Doctor Scurtu’s book has given me the confidence to be more inquisitive when talking to my specialist. The book made me see someone who had a genuine concern about the patient’s overall wellbeing. The explanations and discussions in the book were very educational and enlightening. It made me understand how and why my condition started, but most importantly, how I can stop it.

In detail, I learned the symptoms I need to watch out for and on ways I can alleviate my condition, and then ultimately eradicate them. The treatment program recommended in the book has dramatically reduced my risk for further stroke and heart attack —a miracle, to say the least.

Through the treatment program indicated in the books, I was able to strategize a realistic health plan that did not involve surgery or even medications from pharmaceutical companies. I can’t believe I haven’t read this book before as I could have avoided suffering from a stroke in the first place. I am no longer taking any drugs. Instead, I am following a lifestyle and program that increases my probability of never having complications such as diabetes in the future. This program has reversed my high blood pressure and vascular problems successfully, and I have since recommended it to my loved ones, family, and friends.

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